Republican George Conway is talking about how Donald Trump will be remembered compared to a president who was nearly impeached, Richard Nixon.  He tells MSNBC  what he’s seeing now reminds him of August 1974, with support for Nixon collapsed in a matter of days:

“No matter whether or not he gets removed before his term of office ends or not, he’s leaving in complete disgrace, as Nixon did. But there’s going to be a big difference… Watching what happened when Nixon left, August 9, 1974, and watching all morning. And you saw some contrition. You saw some regret. You saw some sadness and sorrow for a man who actually did, unlike Donald Trump, love his country and want to do right by the country even though he made some serious mistakes and broke some major laws. You don’t see that with Trump. And one of the things you’re not going to see is any sympathy for Donald Trump the way there was some sympathy for Nixon when he left Washington as a broken man. This man, Donald Trump, because he’s a psychopath, a man who can gloat and watch in glee as the Capitol was ransacked and attacked and as people’s lives were threatened, this psychopath… he’s going to be a pariah for the rest of his life.”

And he says while some members of the GOP still support Trump, he thinks that too will fade:

“He believes even those who still And there may be some Republicans who still support him now, but those Republicans are the Republicans if you can call them that or call them conservatives at all, who seek some kind of an authoritarian leader who is all-powerful, and he’s leaving in absolute weakness.” 

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