At St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston today, George H.W. Bush’s eldest grandson delivered a eulogy for the man he called “Gampy.” Here’s an excerpt from his speech (watch the full eulogy above).

“My grandfather was thankful for his country. He was grateful to lead a country where people can go as far and as fast as their dreams can take them. A place where individuals working alone or in groups can help the condition of their fellow man on a voluntary basis. A bright hope for America he evoked so brilliantly when he spoke of 1,000 points of light. He off spoke about the timeless creed of duty, honor, country, the values that have sustained the republic for its over 240 years. But this wasn’t something he just talked about. This was something he lived.” 

Bush’s Secretary of State, one of his best friends James Baker delivered the other eulogy Thursday. Baker, who was by the 41st president’s side when he died said, in part:

“His legacy lives on with his children, who have contributed so very much to making our nation great. And who knows what the future will bring for his grandchildren and their children.

I have always been proud that George Bush used to describe our relationship as one of big brother and little brother. He used to say that one of the things he liked best about me was that I would always tell him what I thought, even when I knew he didn’t want to hear it. Then we would have a spirited discussion about that issue.

But he had a very effective way of letting me know when the discussion was over. He would look at me and saidBaker, if you’re so smart, why am I President and you’re not?”

He was a leader, and he knew it. My hope is that in remembering the life of George Herbert Walker Bush and in honoring his accomplishments, we will see that we are really praising what is best about our nation, the nation he dearly loved and whose values he embodied.”