Will Stephanie Grisham get rich off her new book?  Probably not.  A lot of reaction to the tell-all from the former White House press secretary has been something on the order of “why should we believe you now?”   Fair enough.  And, perhaps more to the point, as asked by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, if it was so horrible in the Trump administration, what took you so long to leave?

Is she telling the truth?  We’ll never know, but Grisham certainly isn’t fighting the narrative of what life was like inside the White House.

From ABC News:

While other top aides resigned or were forced out, with some even speaking out against Trump while he was still in office, Grisham stood by the president throughout nearly the entirety of the Trump administration’s four-year term, through numerous controversies — and when asked on Monday by Stephanopoulos if it was a mistake to work for President Trump, she quickly replied, “Yes.”

“Why do it?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“I do believe he gave voice to a lot of people who did feel forgotten,” Grisham said. “But I think that many of us, myself included, got into that White House, and got heavy with power and … we didn’t think about serving the country anymore, it was about surviving.”