Donald Trump has endorsed Ron DeSantis for governor of Florida so maybe he didn’t have to stoop to this.  But he went there anyway. DeSantis, a GOP candidate for Florida governor is releasing a new ad that proclaims his love for Trump’s wall, the MAGA phrase and more. Problem is it feels more like a parody. You watch it and you are left wondering whether he is actually making fun of the President. Huffington Post calls it a “Creepy New Ad,” adding,  “It’s like “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” but for far-right nationalism.” The ad is real though and DeSantis apparently has a shot at winning the GOP primary.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

“The 30-second clip is narrated by DeSantis’ wife Casey, and highlights the importance of Trump in a heated primary with Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. It’s set to run statewide starting Tuesday, according to his campaign.

Trump officially endorsed DeSantis in June, and DeSantis has been shooting up in the polls ever since, taking the lead over Putnam.”

Watch the ad above and let us know your thoughts.