In a Georgia courtroom, damning new information was revealed in connection to the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. The hearing ended today with a judge deciding there was enough evidence to have the case proceed to trial.

Arbery was shot three times in the back in Brunswick, Georgia last February. It wasn’t until the video was released in May that those behind the shooting were arrested. Gregory and Travis McMichael admitted to following and shooting Arbery because they said he resembled a suspect who had committed burglaries. But as it turns out, no burglaries were reported in that area.

The McMichaels are charged, along with the man who recorded the video, William “Roddie” Bryan. Though Bryan initially denied any involvement today during a hearing we learned that he did admit to police that he joined the McMichaels in pursuing Arbery.

According to GBI Special Agent Richard Dial,  Bryan told police after Arbery was shot,  Travis McMichael said “f-ing n-word” while standing over the victim’s body.

Georgia is one of a handful of states that does not have a hate crime statute, but the Department of Justice is reportedly investigating the shooting death as a hate crime.

(Video of the hearing is above)