Dr. Jill Biden is out with a children’s book today that takes a look at her husband’s early years. Joey: The Story of Joe Biden” is described as a picture book with never before told family stories about the presidential candidate and former vice president’s childhood.” Dr. Biden said she hoped this book would inspire children who may be struggling with something that “you can be or do whatever you want to do and Joe’s story is an example of that.” She is referring to his stutter as one of the things the former Vice President overcame.

While doing several TV appearances today, Dr. Biden also weighed in on who might be her husband’s running mate.

“Joe really knows what he wants in a vice president certainly because he’s been there and he knows how important it is that the woman he chooses will have the same values, and the same values as to how to govern this country, so that’s what he’s looking for.”

She also confirmed Senator Kamala Harris is on the short-list.

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