Joe and Jill Biden met privately today with Jacob Blake’s family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

According to the campaign, the Bidens met with Blake’s father, Jacob Blake, Sr.; his sisters Letetra Widman and Zeitha Blake; and brother Myron Jackson.

Blake’s mother, Julia Jackson, participated by telephone, the Biden campaign said.

Three Blake family attorneys also attended the meeting held in an airport building.

Biden says he also spoke with shooting victim Jacob Blake on the phone for 15 minutes. The former vice president says “he talked about how nothing was going to defeat him, how whether he walked again or not he was not going to give up…”

Earlier in the week, Donald Trump also visited Kenosha but refused to meet with the family. Trump met with law enforcement while there and toured businesses destroyed in recent unrest.  In contrast, Biden spent time visiting with the community saying: “It’s time we come together as a nation to heal and address the challenges we face.” To abide by social distancing, Biden met with just about two dozen people at the Grace Lutheran Church. Most of his time there was spent listening. The full conversation is above.

According to the Washington Post:

(Biden) addressed the need to combat systemic racism in education, the economy and the criminal justice system, then took aim at Trump, criticizing the president’s “very fine people on both sides” remarks after the rally by self-proclaimed white nationalists in Charlottesville in 2017.

“No president has ever said anything like that,” Biden said. “The generic point I’m making is, it’s not all his fault. But it legitimizes the dark side of human nature.”

Trump’s remarks, he added, “also exposed what had not been paid enough attention to — the underlying racism that is institutionalized in the United States.”

Biden senior advisor Symone Sanders wrote:

Joe Biden went to Kenosha today and did what a president should. He listened and centered the people in the community. He did not incite, he brought calm. Basically, Joe Biden went to Kenosha today and did what Donald Trump has never – brought people together.