Joe Biden has given short soundbites, here and there, about the whistleblower and the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, but now we are getting to hear from him more at length. It happened on late-night TV, of all places.

Biden talked to Jimmy Kimmel about why Trump was trying so hard to dig up dirt on him:

“Have 70 polls in a row showing you’re beating him and I think that’s why I’m the object of his attention.” 

He also called Trump’s behavior with the Ukranian president as “such a blatant abuse of power:”

“This division in our country is just so devastating, so devastating for so many people, and it’s ruining our standing around the world, in a way that is going to be hard to — look, we can probably handle four years if he doesn’t get us in a war in the next year, and I’m not being a wise guy. I’m not being glib saying that. But eight years of Donald Trump will fundamentally alter the character of this nation in my view. And I, we can’t let that happen.” 

He went on to say, “my job is just to flat out beat him.”

Watch the full interview above.