Joe Biden is out with two videos today condemning Donald Trump for how he has handled the coronavirus crisis. The first uses Trump’s own words to show how the president downplayed the threat for so long.;

The second video features former White House Ebola Response Coordinator, Ron Klain talking about how “the responsibility falls squarely on his (Trump’s shoulders).” Klain also talks about how Biden would deal with the crisis. Take a look above.

NBC adds that during a conference call with reporters, Biden also “criticized (Trump) for repeatedly providing the American people with misinformation about the virus.”

“Step up and do your job, Mr. President,” Biden said.

“In times of crisis, the American people deserve a president who tells them the truth,” Biden said. “Unfortunately, President Trump has not been that president.”

“People are scared. They’re worried. They don’t know quite what to do,” he added. “He has been behind the curve throughout this whole response.”