Donald Trump’s obsession with TV news is no secret. There have been reports over the years that he watched anywhere from 4-8 hours a day.  Every day.   At a press briefing on Thursday, Trump offered up confirmation, telling reporters the long list of Fox News programs he’s watched in the last 24 hours.  And the Biden campaign seized on the admission with this video.

Trump’s admission that he watches a lot of television came just a couple of weeks after he did an interview with The New York Times where he “rejected the portrayal of him as a lazy, television-obsessed president.”

“Just the opposite. I don’t watch very much TV. Nobody knows what I do.” He said: “I work very long hours, actually, very long hours, probably longer than just about anybody. And I think more importantly, I think I work effectively.”

MSNBC’s Brian Williams says:

“After checking with historians we can confidently report no president has devoted as much time and effort as Donald Trump has to cable news.”