“George Floyd’s murder has forced a hard national conversation about this country’s present, which is impossible to do effectively without re-examining its past.” That’s according to John Oliver. The Last Week Tonight host dedicated a good part of his Sunday night show to how America has often ignored or changed dark periods in history or even dark sides to some of the figures we’ve long revered in America. Oliver points out this starts in schools, where issues of slavery and race are sometimes not even talked about or how, in some cases, they are covered through rose-colored glasses. Oliver says, “History, when taught well, shows us how to improve the world, but history, when taught poorly, falsely claims there is nothing to improve. So we have to teach it well and continue to learn it.”

“Just imagine what it would feel like to be a Black kid in that classroom, or, if you don’t have to imagine, remember… Because it’s not just the history that hurts here, it’s how you’re being made to feel while you learn it.”

This isn’t only timely because of the fallout from Floyd’s death, but Oliver also ties this into recent “racist” tweets from Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s eulogy of John Lewis. Watch the segment above.