Tucker Carlson finally got a dose of his own medicine.  The Fox News host has repeatedly, of late, mocked MSNBC’s Joy Reid as “the race lady.”  On a segment last week he said, “Well, Joy-Ann Reid, the race lady over at MSNBC, took a quick break from haranguing whitey yesterday to reveal something deeply personal about herself on television.”

Finally, it appears, Reid had had enough, blasting Carlson in a must-watch takedown.  The Daily Beast reports:

Liberal media watchdog Media Matters for America later noted that Carlson has made a habit lately of referring to the Black host as the “race lady,” bringing up her Harvard education, and insisting that she’s lived “an unusually privileged life.”

Reid, who recently called Carlson a “male Karen” for urging viewers to call the cops on kids with masks, began her fiery takedown of Carlson by referencing that moment.

In fact, Reid spent more than four minutes responding to Carlson’s attacks, calling him a “segregationist” who is “making America worse.”

“Did he say ‘whitey?’ Oh, honey. Tuckums! Is this really about me fixating on race or is it about you fixating on race? I mean, when you recently went off on me for continuing to mask up post-vaccine while jogging in crowded Central Park, you weirdly threw in my attending Harvard. And I don’t know, maybe I’m sensitive to this stuff, but it felt kind of like a dog whistle.”

“People like you, and your friends at the BS factory are keeping us steeped in covid sickness, and rage, and paranoia.”

Watch Reid’s full response above.