We knew Kirsten Gillibrand had launched a presidential exploratory campaign a couple of months ago, but today she is making her run for president official with the launch of a campaign dubbed Brave Wins.

The New York Senator wrote:

“I’m fighting for an America where we lead with bravery and compassion, not fear and greed—and I’m taking that fight straight to President Trump’s doorstep. Join me at Trump International in New York City on Sunday, March 24.”

“We’re building a campaign that will change who’s at the decision-making table, take on powerful interests and restore moral integrity to the White House—and we won’t take a cent from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists.”

“It’s time to answer cowardice with bravery. Fear with boldness. Greed with compassion. Let’s win this fight together.”

Her website asks, “Why Kirsten?” The answer, in part, reads:

She has the strongest anti-Trump record in the Senate, and she’s voted against more Cabinet and judicial nominees than any other senator has. She’s refused to back down, even when others bend—whether that’s to protect Dreamers and keep immigrant families together, to take care of 9/11 first responders or to defend reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood.

Watch the video she created to kick off the campaign above.