The Trump administration sent out  spin doctors this morning to place all the blame on the G-7 fiasco on the Canadian Prime Minister. CBS reports:

“In a press conference Saturday after a contentious G7 meeting, Trudeau said that Canada had been insulted by the Trump administration’s tariffs and that his country would go ahead with its own retaliatory measures by July 1.

Following Trudeau’s statements, Mr. Trump retracted his endorsement of the final statement from the G7, tweeting on Air Force One on the way to Singapore that he had instructed U.S. representatives “not to endorse” the missive. He blamed Trudeau’s statement that Canada will not be “pushed around” on trade.”

Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow took to the Sunday morning political shows to defend Trump and he came off a whole like Trump himself, melting down on TV.

This all came after Donald Trump fired off a series of tweets about Trudeau.

One thing that is kind of puzzling is that both Kudlow and Trump haven’t said what the exact “betrayal” or “false statement” was.

Meanwhile, Trudeau himself hasn’t responded via Twitter yet, but he sure has his share of defenders.

Watch what else Kudlow told CNN’s Jake Tapper above.