If you tuned into a certain segment of social media, you’d think Donald Trump didn’t give a speech in North Carolina over the weekend.  That‘s because all the discussion has been about the former president’s wardrobe, specifically his pants.   Were they on backward and why were they so baggy? A little fact-checking found that the photo that circulated where it appeared there was no zipper in the front was manipulated.

Snopes reported, “Visual evidence showed the former president wore pants the right way.” But that still left people wondering why his pants were so ill-fitting? The late-night comics dissected it. Jimmy Fallon joked, “It’s like he’s wearing a fanny pack on the inside of his pants. It looks like he bumped into something and his pants deployed an airbag.”

Over on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel called it “a wardrobe malfunction,” adding, “Poor Mike Pence didn’t know which end to kiss, it was very confusing.”

Stephen Colbert pointed out, “It’s clear he’s got a zipper. Normally when you pay that much attention to his crotch, you get $130,000. But this is alarming, because it can only mean one thing: Something on the internet isn’t true!”

Watch what else Colbert said above.