Late-night comics were worried they wouldn’t have as much material with Donald Trump gone, but then someone like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene comes along. She is comedy gold for the hosts. Jimmy Kimmel called the Georgia Congresswoman a “monster.” And he said this about the speech she gave from the floor of the House on Thursday:

“The congresswoman who wants to execute Nancy Pelosi is right! We need to come together! And the media is just as guilty as QAnon! That’s like saying Jell-O is just as guilty as Cosby.” 

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah looks at how Republicans tried to twist themselves in a pretzel to defend or ignore Greene’s actions:

Damn, Kevin McCarthy he’s a GOP OG “I didn’t hear shit, didn’t see shit, and I definitely don’t know shit.” It’s truly amazing that this guy acts like he doesn’t know what QAnon is, even after they tried to kill him. I mean, most people would have at least googled them at that point.  

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert made an ad to capture House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s decision to stand by Greene.

Seth Meyers broke it down like this:

“The Republican party is radicalizing against democracy in a way from the political mainstream because it has no incentive to appeal to a majority of Americans. That’s why we need far-reaching structural reforms to our democracy to level the playing field. A system where one party can yield power despite representing 40 million fewer Americans in the Senate and winning the presidential popular vote once in 32 years is not tenable because right now we have one party that’s based in reality and another that believes in… lasers.”

Watch what else he said above.