Led Zeppelin is one of the most influential, celebrated and commercially successful rock bands of all time. All four members of the iconic band were born and raised in England, but it was America that loved them first.  Since the band called it quits in 1980, legendary frontman Robert Plant has gone on to have a successful solo career.  I sat down with the usually private singer for this week’s “The Big Interview.”  While we touched on his legacy, we spent most of the time just conversing.  Plant is nothing like I expected.  He’s cerebral and poetic, filled with reflection and gratitude for all of the places he’s been.  I asked the man who has toured the globe for over 50 years his take on the state of the US.  His answer was one of the better descriptions I’ve heard about where we are today.

My hour long interview with Robert Plant kicks off the new season of The Big Interview tonight at 9pE/8pC/6pP on AXS TV.