The Lincoln Project is up with another attack ad that looks at what former officials in the Trump administration have to say about their old boss. Please watch above.

But there is more to this group than what appears to be old fashioned political revenge.  Yes, they want Trump gone, but there is a strategy afoot.  Mike Madrid is a veteran GOP operative with the Lincoln Project who spoke to Yahoo News.

“We’ve … been doing this with a purpose,” Madrid said. “These ads have been running in limited runs as we check the analytics to see how the response is. And now, in the last 80, 90 days, it’s all about execution. So we’re now putting the money and the firepower behind it in eight key states where we think it will make a difference by moving Republican votes.”

The Lincoln Project is making a million dollar digital ad buy that will hit search engines, direct email and social media of voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina and Georgia.

In the end, Never-Trumpers at the Lincoln Project are hoping to pull only a small number of GOP votes. From Yahoo News:

“Trump’s support may still be strong among Republicans, but Madrid said the Lincoln Project believes Biden can win if 3 to 5 percent of GOP voters abandon the president and back the Democratic ticket. Specifically, the group is targeting what it has dubbed “The Bannon Line” — 4 percent of Republicans. That measure comes from Trump’s former top campaign adviser and White House strategist Steve Bannon, who said in a January interview that the Lincoln Project could be a real threat to Trump if it influenced a relatively small number of Republican voters.“