In addition to all her wacky conspiracy theories (Newtown school shooting was a “false flag” for example), Marjorie Taylor Greene has also made many bigoted comments. The latest post to surface came from Media Matters reporter Eric Hananoki who found the Georgia Congresswoman blamed the 2018 Camp Fire in California on the Rothchilds, a prominent Jewish family, and lasers beamed from space.

Anti-defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt points out, “Another example of @mtgreenee‘s penchant for supporting vile & hateful conspiracies. In a 2018 FB post, she perpetuated age-old #antisemitic “Rothschild” conspiracies accusing Jews of controlling global affairs. This bigotry has no place in our society.”

The Israeli newspaper adds, “Greene has expressed overt and more subtle antisemitic theories over time. In 2018 she shared a video, also on Facebook, that lambasted “Zionist supremacists” and advanced the “great replacement” theory, which falsely alleges that Jews are conspiring to undermine white-majority countries by bringing in non-white immigrants.”

CNN’s Don Lemon also noted a racist rant from Greene where she trashed Black and Hispanic men and Muslims.

As News & Guts reported earlier this week, a spokesperson for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy reacted to the recent news surrounding Greene saying, “These comments are deeply disturbing and Leader McCarthy plans to have a conversation with the Congresswoman about them.” But at the same time, Greene got rewarded with a committee spot. USA Today’s editorial board is out with a post today pointing out that “In 2019, House Republican leaders reacted with outrage at a remark by then-Congressman Steve King that appeared to defend white supremacy,” but “Greene makes King look like a relative statesman.” The publication writes that “Greene’s presence is yet another sign of the existential crisis facing the Republican Party in the era of Trump.”

At a minimum, she should be denied committee assignments and shunned by GOP donors. Other options include reprimand, censure or expulsion, particularly if she remains unapologetic or dodgy about her hate-filled views.

Throughout history, Democrats and Republicans have both had fringe or corrupt members in their midst. How GOP leaders deal with someone so obviously unfit for office will speak volumes about the party’s values.

Watch more from CNBC above about how this is all going over in Taylor’s district.