Melania Trump didn’t exactly get a warm welcome at an event in Baltimore today for her “Be Best” initiative. The Baltimore Sun writes:

A crowd of students booed first lady Melania Trump as she was introduced Tuesday at a Baltimore youth summit on opioid awareness, where she told them that “drugs will only slow you down.”

The loud boos drowned out the cheers and applause of some in the crowd at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Event Center, but Trump smiled through it.

The crowd was made up of mostly middle and high school students. CNN reporter Kate Bennett remarked, in my years covering her, this was the first booing of @FLOTUS by a crowd at one of her solo events.”

Some people have theories as to why there were so many boos this time around. The Mary Sue’s Brittany Knupper says:

“It’s possible the boos stem from lingering anger over the racist comments Donald Trump made earlier this year, describing Baltimore as “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” where “no human being would want to live.” He also attacked beloved Rep. Elijah Cummings (whose district covered a large portion of the city) prior to his death last month. Basically, Baltimore hates the Trumps!”

But Knupper also remarked:

But I think this runs deeper. Teens have a strong nose for bullshit and sharp tongues that can pierce even the thickest of adult hides. And nothing stinks stronger than Melania’s extremely patronizing and condescending “Be Best” campaign. Why should they trust an anti-bullying campaign run by the wife of America’s biggest, dumbest bully? They don’t and they won’t!