This year’s election isn’t going to be about changing minds, as much as it is going to be about turnout. The number of people voting in midterm elections isn’t usually as high as it is in presidential elections, but this year could be different. Michelle Obama wants to help make sure people exercise their “right to vote.” The former first lady issued the video above along with this statement on her Facebook page:

“The Voting Rights Act makes our democracy stronger, giving every American, from all walks of life, the right to vote. Today I think of all the folks who organized, who marched, who showed up to the polls knowing they could be intimidated, beaten, or turned away. They stood up time and again for their right to vote.

I want us all to continue their legacy and ensure every eligible American casts their vote. That’s why I’m hitting the road with the rest of the When We All Vote team for the Week of Action this September. I’m counting on you to be a part of it. I need all of you out there to help get folks registered, fired up, and ready to spread the word. RSVP or sign up to host your own event in your”