Michelle Obama is back on the campaign trail, trying to use a different tone than we often see from politicians these days. ABC reports:

Former first lady Michelle Obama said she hoped to get Nevada residents “fired up” on Sunday as she headlined her first rally for When We All Vote, the nonprofit voting initiative she launched over the summer.

More than 2,000 people crammed into the gymnasium of Chaparral High School in Las Vegas where Obama, along with several high-profile singers and actors, spoke on Sunday evening and reminded Nevada residents why their votes matter.

Obama’s big message was don’t let the divisive political process keep you from casting a vote on November 6th:

“I am frustrated too. I’m sick of all the chaos and the nastiness of our politics It’s exhausting and frankly it’s depressing. So I understand wanting to shut it all out…but here’s the problem while some folks are frustrated and tuned out on election day trust me other folks are showing up. “

Obama was in Las Vegas just days after Donald Trump also made a stop there. Watch her remarks above.