Despite recommendations from the CDC urging people not to travel this Thanksgiving, millions are still traveling by plane, train, and automobile. The Associated Press writes:

To be sure, the number of people flying for Thanksgiving is down by more than half from last year because of the rapidly worsening outbreak. However, the 3 million who went through U.S. airport checkpoints from Friday through Sunday marked the biggest crowds since mid-March, when the COVID-19 crisis took hold in the United States.

And while people have staggered the days they left for the holiday, there is no doubt that Sunday will be the busiest travel day as most people head back home. Right now the country is still dealing with rising cases that can be traced back to Halloween. The Thanksgiving surge is expected to be much worse. CNN writes:

Covid-19 is running unabated across almost every American community, and one model projects it will take the country just under two months to reach a staggering 20 million cases.

The US could nearly double its current numbers — about 12.4 million reported infections — by January 20, according to the Washington University in St. Louis forecasting model.

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