It’s hard to fight cyber-bullying when the President of the United States is one of the biggest bullies of them all.  Witness more name calling today on Twitter, despite his wife’s anti-bullying #BeBest campaign. Nonetheless, celebrities have launched another initiative as a part of “Bullying Prevention Month.”  Monica Lewinsky made the announcement on ABC’s Good Morning America:

She describes herself as patient zero, the first person to be cyberbullied ever and to have suffered a vicious smear campaign that followed her for two decades since being at the center of scandal playing out online. 

We’ve seen plenty of victim shaming during the last year as the #metoo movement has grown. Now Lewinsky is teaming up with celebrities to fight back against online harassment. The campaign called #DefyTheName asks people to change their Twitter name to reflect mean things they were called. Lewinsky explains:

“Name-calling is the most common form of bullying that we see and as you were saying I think everybody knows what it’s like to be called hurtful and harmful names, so we call this campaign #defythename because it’s about not letting the names that other people call you, define who you are. You know, deny the name. Don’t let being bullied define you.”

Here’s a look at the PSA for the campaign.

And here are some of the other people who changed their Twitter names today.

Watch what else Monica Lewinsky said on GMA about this campaign (and about Christine Blasey Ford) above.