The situation at the U.S./Mexico border is rife with misinformation these days.  One MSNBC host tried to sift through some of the “lies” members of the GOP are telling about immigration. After an argument on Twitter, Mehdi Hasan invited Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) on his show to talk specifically about the GOP claims that there is currently an “open border.” Here’s one exchange:

Hasan: It cannot be an open border if 72% of people are removed. That’s just nonsensical to claim that. You know that. I know that…

Crenshaw: But again, you’re arguing with people…I would say there’s an effective open border. That’s what I would say. If you want to accuse somebody else of saying things, but you haven’t been able to fact check me on it, because I haven’t said it.

Hasan: I’m fact-checking you now. It’s not an open border if the vast number of people get expelled.

Watch the full interview above.