A South Florida TV station followed a group of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as they prepared for an annual spoken-word poetry festival for Florida students. The poems at these festivals usually feature some profound words, but this year was different. Several of the students did pieces in honor of the Parkland 17. NBC Miami was there every step of the way as the students and teachers prepared their poems saying:

“This documentary chronicles that journey through the progression of the festival and it’s preparation, from the conception of the first words of the poem to the powerful stage performances. The MSD poets and their teacher speak openly and frankly about the events of February 14th, how it’s changed them, and the change they yet hope to see.”

“These Parkland poets turned to spoken-word to cope with their grief and trauma as well as honor their classmates who fell victim.”

The director, producer, and editor behind the project, Chris Clark tells News & Guts:

“It’s the story of the resiliency of some incredible kids who faced the worst tragedy imaginable. Working with NBC6 the and the Jason Taylor Foundation, I was able to document some MSD students as they coped with that day and healed through their own words… They spoke openly and honestly about that day, how it’s changed them and what change they hope to yet see. If you have a few minutes to spare, please watch these amazing leaders. And share it, if you can.”

Another thing that struck us about the students who performed these pieces is their talent, it’s reminiscent of performances straight out of the Broadway show “Hamilton.” It is moving, stirring and so powerful. Watch above.