It was ground zero in the United States, the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington. It’s where 129 patients, staff and visitors tested positive for coronavirus. Since it was first detected more than a month ago the death toll has continued to rise. Now CNN reports “a total of 29 people associated with the care home have died, 18 of them patients.” For the first time, CNN’s Sara Sidner talks to people who work at the nursing home, including nurse Chelsey Earnest. Through tears, Earnest recounts what it was like to see this “invisible invader” sickening and killing so many of the residents:

“How I describe it is, you’re going off to war and you’re in a battlefield where supplies are limited. The help’s slow to get to you and there’s lots of casualties and … you can’t see the enemy… It was like a war zone and I checked every room, checked every patient. If there was no patients left in that room, I closed it and taped it off.”
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