New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio officially entered the race for president Thursday with a campaign video (watch above) saying he has “an agenda that puts working families first” and “Donald Trump must be stopped.”  If you are counting, he’s the 23rd Democrat to enter the primary race. Now De Blasio has a hard hill to climb, The New York Times writes:

The mayor will have to make up a huge fund-raising disadvantage as he builds out a campaign staff, and close a seemingly insurmountable gap in polls. In a Monmouth University poll last month, Mr. de Blasio had a net favorability of zero: 24 percent like him, 24 percent do not like him. 

Vox adds, “De Blasio’s presidential ambitions have been the subject of some mockery among New Yorkers, three-quarters of whom do not believe he should run in 2020.” 

That mockery includes portrayals like this.

De Blasio is already hitting the road to campaign. He is heading to Iowa late Thursday.