Bill Cosby is out of prison and apparently about to jump back into show business as if the last few years (or should we say decades of alleged allegations) didn’t happen. His spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, said he’s already been talking to a number of promoters and comedy club owners. That begs the question: Will people really line up to see a man who has been labeled a “sexual predator.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer writes, “Cosby is already planning speaking tours, a push for criminal justice reform, and what his spokesperson described as advocacy for other Black men “who are incarcerated unjustly” — an agenda that infuriated one of the prosecutors who helped put Cosby behind bars.” In other words, Cosby is putting himself in the same box as Black men who may have been falsely accused of crimes or are, perhaps, facing tough sentences for petty crimes. That certainly wasn’t the case with Cosby. Dozens of women came forward with accusations and as CNN reported, in the past “Cosby has admitted to getting prescription Quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with.” This is something that was denied on Cosby’s Twitter account yesterday.

Also, countless people have pointed out in the last day, one of the things Cosby has that most of those incarcerated don’t have is money. And it’s clear that having high-powered attorneys fighting for him over the last few years made a difference.

Another twisted scenario involves Cosby filing a lawsuit. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “the comedian is now mulling legal action of his own — a potential malicious prosecution suit against the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, based on the Supreme Court’s finding that it had violated his due process rights.”

But first Cosby may have to deal with several lawsuits aimed at him. The AJC adds that “lawyers for Cosby accusers still see him as a viable target for blockbuster legal settlements or judgments.”

Many women have made it clear that Cosby’s past history won’t soon be forgotten.

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