Here’s Fox News intentional effort at humor, unlike the nightly guffaw-fest that is their regular lineup of jokers.  Commentator Greg Gutfeld has been added to late-night comedy scene to compete against Stephen Colbert, and the two Jimmy’s—Fallon and Kimmel.  The show debuted on Fox News at 11pm following Laura Ingraham. Why does Fox News channel believe they need humor?  Variety received a statement from Meade Cooper, Fox News’ executive vice president of primetime programming that read: “It makes sense for us to enter this space to give late night viewers who feel underrepresented a place they can laugh at night without feeling they are getting laughed at.” But after the premiere episode, many people are laughing, not with the show, but at it.

Monologues on late-night TV are almost always timely, addressing current events in the news. But Gutfeld’s decided to go to the archive for a joke about a Brian Williams scandal that happened more than six years ago. Daily Beast contributing author Justin Baragona wrote, “The Brian Williams bit is so painfully unfunny it has to be seen to be believed.”

While Gutfeld was clearly trying to be funny for most of the show, there were parts where it was clearly typical Fox ranting disguised as comedy, much like hosts on Fox News’ regular primetime shows.