While the Iowa caucuses were a mess, there is no denying that Pete Buttigieg shined in the state. Final results aren’t in yet, but the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana is currently in the lead. With 71% of precincts reporting, he tops the other candidates with almost 26.8% of the vote. The significance of this lead hasn’t been lost on the 38-year-old. The Des Moines Register writes:

The candidate known for his unflappability but criticized for not showing more emotion, let his heart show Tuesday.

Relaying to New Hampshire voters the breaking news that he is leading in Iowa caucus returns, Buttigieg choked up when describing the significance of that for gay people and others who have felt excluded from society.

Buttigieg remarked:

We can reach out to democrats and to independents and to even some future former republicans ready to bring some change to this country.

While it’s common knowledge that Buttigieg is gay, it seems it was news to one caucus voter. Take a look at how this precinct captain for the Pete Buttigieg campaign handled this situation.