Newly-released video shows the exact instance when members of the violent mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6 sprayed Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick with an unknown substance. Sicknick was part of the police force that was overrun by the crowd that broke into the Capitol building. He died the next day, from what a medical examiner’s report deemed natural causes.

The never-before seen videos — there are several different clips showing various angles — capture the moment when Sicknick was sprayed by some sort of chemical substance as he and other officers unsuccessfully tried to hold the line and keep the rioters behind the barricades on the west side of the Capitol, around 2:30pm that day. The video shows Sicknick being sprayed, and then being forced to step away to wash his eyes out.


The video has already been played in federal court during hearings for two men charged with assaulting Sicknick, Julian Elie Khater of Pennsylvania, 32, and George Pierre Tanios of West Virginia, 39. Both are charged with assault on a federal officer with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to impede or injure an officer and other related counts. Neither man is charged in Sicknick’s death.

The video was released after several news organizations, including DC-area station WUSA-9, petitioned a federal judge to have the video made public.