George Floyd’s brother broke the news Tuesday morning that he had spoken with President Joe Biden on Monday following closing argument. Philonise Floyd told NBC:

“He was just calling… He knows how it is to lose a family member, and he knows the process of what we’re going through. So he was just letting us know that he was praying for us, hoping that everything will come out to be okay.”

The president confirmed the conversation later in the day saying, “So I’ve waited until the jury was sequestered, and I called. and I wasn’t going to say anything about it, but — he said today on television, he accurately said it was a private conversation.”

Biden was willing to share his thoughts on the case though:

“I’m praying the verdict is the right verdict, which is — I think it’s overwhelming in my view. I wouldn’t say that unless the jury was sequestered now, not hearing me say that.” 

He also said, “I’ve come to know George’s family, not just in passing, I’ve spent time with them. Spent time with his little daughter Gianna. You should see this beautiful child. And his brother. Both brothers, matter of fact. And so I can only imagine the pressure and the anxiety they’re feeling.” 

Watch the president’s comments above (via The Hill).