Rachel Maddow has been noticeably absent from her MSNBC broadcast for the last couple of weeks, now we know why. Last night, she said that her partner of 21 years, Susan Mikula, tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month and developed serious symptoms that Maddow says “at one point we thought there was a possibility that it might kill her.” She says Mikula is still sick but is on the road to recovery. Now Maddow has a moving and very personal message for others:

“Don’t get this thing. Do whatever you can to keep from getting it. For Thanksgiving next week you really are just going to have it at home without people coming over and yeah that’s going to suck, but it’s going to suck so much less than you or someone in your family getting this and getting sick.”

“This is scary as hell and whatever you’ve been willing to do to risk getting it, just don’t, don’t do it.”

 Watch what she said above.