It’s clear the frustrations in the White House briefing room are growing. The first White House briefing of the month was held today. It started 40 minutes late, then lasted under 15 minutes. As Sanders left the podium many reporters shouted at Sanders. NBC’s Kristen Welker stated, “this is a 10 briefing Sarah” and another reporter went a step further.

Andrew Feinberg, a White House correspondent from Breakfast Media, took credit for the statement. He followed it up with a series of tweets that read, in part:

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders refuses to do the job for which she is paid money raised from US taxpayers. She delays each briefing so she can use a presidential event as an excuse to end it early. She does not respond to emails, she does not meet with (most) reporters. Why is she here?”

“Bottom line: @PressSec refuses to brief us, when she does she arranges it to avoid taking more than a few questions before ducking out, and for most of us she’s totally unresponsive. Why is she in that job drawing $180k/yr salary if she won’t perform its essential functions?”

Meanwhile, one network, MSNBC, is making a statement of its own by not taking the recent briefings.