There are a handful of Republicans who admit that Donald Trump’s words may have been racist, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost their support. Here are two exchanges that encapsulate the state of the GOP. The first is from Senator Joni Ernst. Politico writes:

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) said Monday that Trump’s tweets are racist because the four congresswomen under attack are “American citizens.” But she made clear that otherwise there is no daylight between her and the president.

“I’d love for you to make that clear. While I don’t appreciate the tweets, but I still support the president,” Ernst said on Tuesday. Their political alliance is unharmed “because if you just look at his policies and what he’s been able to do. Our economy is booming, and we’re really doing quite well as Americans.”

The second example left CNN’s Chris Cuomo scratching his head. Here’s part of his interview with Kansas Senate candidate Kris Kobach.

Cuomo: “What would you do if the President said, ‘I am a racist’?”

Kobach: “Then I would not defend him.”

Cuomo: “Would you still support him as President?

Kobach: “Um. I don’t know.”

Cuomo: “You have to think about whether or not you would support a racist?”

Watch the full interview above.