Rudy Giuliani is a lawyer, so he knows it’s best to remain silent while under investigation, but that isn’t the route the president’s attorney has chosen to take. The 76-year-old went on a friendly outlet to tell his side of the story. The Guardian explains Giuliani’s interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson like this:

Rudy Giuliani guilty? That’s what they want you to think! And who are they? The sinister cabal of Hunter Biden, the Lincoln Project and Department of Injustice, of course.

That would have been the impression of Fox News viewers on Thursday night when Giuliani gave his first TV interview since federal agents seized mobile phones and computers from his New York apartment, part of an investigation into his dodgy Ukrainian dealings.

During the interview, Giuliani was defiant saying, “It is an illegal, unconstitutional warrant, one of many that this Department of Injustice tragically has done.”

He tried several times to blame Hunter Biden for his woes and was so caught up in that blame game, that he even referred to Tucker Carlson as Hunter one time.

Giuliani has also taken to Twitter to warn all of us, that what is happening to him, could happen to any of us:

“Who else are they spying on? You?”

Keep in mind, for the Department of Justice to obtain a warrant, they need to show a judge why they have probable cause.  That is no easy task, especially if it’s for a lawyer, never mind a lawyer for the former president.

In new reporting from The New York Times, the newspaper points out this investigation may have to do with the Trump administration removing the U.S. ambassador who “Giuliani believed had been obstructing his efforts to dig up dirt on the Biden family.”

It was a Pyrrhic victory. Mr. Giuliani’s push to oust the ambassador, Marie L. Yovanovitch, not only became a focus of President Donald J. Trump’s first impeachment trial, but it has now landed Mr. Giuliani in the cross hairs of a federal criminal investigation into whether he broke lobbying laws, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

The long-running inquiry reached a turning point this week when F.B.I. agents seized telephones and computers from Mr. Giuliani’s home and office in Manhattan, the people said. At least one of the warrants was seeking evidence related to Ms. Yovanovitch and her role as ambassador, the people said.

The panel on Morning Joe takes a look at the allegations against Giuliani and how he is reacting to the investigation. Watch above.