Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is talking about her own #MeToo moment and voicing her concerns about Congress’s lack of action. Ginsburg’s conversation with CNN’s Poppy Harlow was part of Columbia University’s first Columbia Women’s Conference, “She Opened the Door.” Here’s part of the lengthy discussion about sexual harassment:

Justice Ginsburg: “My concern is that it shouldn’t stop with prominent people, people like you, people in the media, that it should protect this new attitude, to protect the maid who works at a hotel, and I think it is spreading. There will always be adjustments when there is a transition. But on the whole, it is amazing to me that for the first time women are really listened to because sexual harassment had often been dismissed as, well, she made it up. or she’s too thin-skinned. So I think it is a very healthy development.” 

Harlow: “Is Washington listening. Is Washington listening, Congress? Are they listening and acting fast enough.” 

Ginsburg: “Is this Congress acting fast enough — this Congress is not acting. but we will get past this time of inaction.”