In case you needed more evidence that this White House views journalists as the enemy, here it is. The Trump administration, his family members, and some of his supporters seem to be okay with harassing the media. Today White House press secretary Sarah Sanders chalked it up to “freedom of speech.” It started last night when CNN’s Jim Acosta faced an angry crowd at Donald Trump’s rally in Tampa.

Then Eric Trump followed up with this tweet that his father retweeted.

Sanders was asked about this behavior at today’s briefing and she seemed to say they support it.

The Washington Post writes:

“For some, this may be one big reality show, but the idea that all involved share that state of mind is risky. With journalists being killed at work, attacked at rallies and harassed regularly on social media, safety is a real concern for those seeking to hold the president accountable for his words and actions. The dangerous outcomes that many fear will result from this rhetoric and behavior, like those New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger says he tried to convey in his meeting with Trump, would not at all reflect a great America.”

Trump’s former communications director Anthony Scaramucci is even voicing his concerns.

As for Acosta, many say he took the high road while he was being heckled.