Alec Baldwin was back as Donald Trump to kick off the season premiere Saturday Night Live (watch above). The impeachment inquiry gave the show plenty of material as it started its 45th season. The cold open was a series of phone calls with some of those close to the president including Rudy Giuliani as played by Kate McKinnon:

Baldwin as Trump: “I‘m being impeached. It’s the greatest presidential harassment of all time. I would know. I’m like the president of harassment.

McKinnon as Giuliani: “Relax, Mr. Trump. We’ve got nothing to worry about. Nobody’s going to find out about our illegal side dealings with the Ukraine. Or how we tried to cover up those side dealings. Or how we planned to cover up the cover-up.” 

Politics was brought up several other times on the show including in “Weekend Update.”

And they also brought out several of the Democrats running for president for an “Impeachment Town Hall,” including Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren, Larry David as Bernie Sanders, Woody Harrelson as Joe Biden and a hilarious Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris.