When Donald Trump said it was “a very scary time for young men in America” (in reference to accusations against Brett Kavanaugh) women all over the country gasped. It prompted one Texas singer decided to write a tongue and cheek (yet very serious) song about it saying:

“It sure is a scary time for boys, yeah gentleman band together, make some noise. It’s really tough when your reputation is on the line and any woman you assaulted can turn up on time.”

It’s a song that quickly went viral.

Time magazine reports:

Dancer, choreographer, singer-songwriter Lynzy Lab Stewart took to social media to share a song titled “A Scary Time” that appears to be written in response to Trump’s assertion. To the tune of a melody plucked out on her ukelele, Lynzy sings about the ways in which the world has always been a dangerous place for a woman, calling out the inherent privilege for men in a patriarchal system.

This isn’t the performer’s first statement on the #metoo movement. Heavy writes:

Lynzy is a singer and songwriter, but she’s also a choreographer and a dancer. You can watch one of her dances — a response to the #MeToo movement — here.

The dance features Lynzy performing alone, to piano accompaniment. Lynzy appears to be acting out the pain of sexual assault — her movements are alternately jerky and smooth, strong and spirally downward. Sudden sharp claps, footsteps, and breaths punctuate the dance.

Her latest performance isn’t without purpose, the song ends with an important message:

“It’s time for women to rise up, use our collective voice. The day to vote is November 6th so let’s go make some noise. Go vote.”

And as Twitter user, Bob Salley, said, “Somewhere @mercedeslynz is walking away from the mic she just dropped!”