There couldn’t have been a bigger contrast between the tone of the two town halls Thursday night. On ABC, Joe Biden answered questions from George Stephanopolous in a cool and calm manner. While on NBC, Donald Trump sparred with moderator Savannah Guthrie and even seemed to get agitated about a healthcare question from one of his own supporters. As Bloomberg put it, “Trump appeared defensive and irritable.” 

One interesting assessment came from senior advisor for the Trump campaign, Mercedes Schlapp. In what we are sure was meant to be a criticism of Biden, Schlapp managed to give Biden a huge compliment comparing his demeanor to that of Mister Rogers.

Those advisors didn’t seem to prepare Trump well either. Trump managed to burn himself numerous times during his one-hour town hall. CNN’s Brian Stelter writes:

Whether healthy or not, almost everything about the Trump era can be understood through his sources of info. It was obvious during his Thursday night town hall on NBC, when Savannah Guthrie repeatedly pointed out that he was misinformed. And he responded with vague assertions like “I read it someplace” and “I’ve heard many different stories” and “people are saying.”
Here’s the thing: When Trump calls his friends on Fox and other right-wing channels, his evasions and excuses slip right through. Facilitators like Maria Bartiromo and Mark Levin don’t second-guess his stats and smears because they subsist on the same info-diet he does. When Trump gives a rare interview outside his pro-Trump media universe, his falsehoods and flimsy sources are instantly exposed.
But what might haunt Trump the most, was his reaction to a question about whether he would condemn the conspiracy theory group, QAnon.

The other moment that is sure to follow Trump around until election day, came as Guthrie asked Trump why he tweets conspiracy theories. The Today Show hosted commented, “You’re not like someone’s crazy uncle.”

For Biden, the big question of the night involved his recent dance around the question of whether he would add justices to the Supreme Court.

But the most talked-about moment for Biden, actually came after the official 90-minute program ended as the former vice president stuck around to answer voter’s questions for an additional 30 minutes.

Nightline has compiled all the high and lowlights. Watch above.