Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sharing the title of TIME’s “Person of the Year:”

For changing the American story, for showing that the forces of empathy are greater than the furies of division, for sharing a vision of healing in a grieving world.

CNN cites TIME PR as pointing out that “Harris is the first Vice President to be included in the choice for Person of the Year.” As to how the magazine made the decision, editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal writes:

It is noteworthy that a year after selecting climate activist Greta Thunberg, the youngest person ever named Person of the Year, we move to one of the oldest in the 78-year-old President-elect. Biden calls himself a bridge to a new generation of leaders, a role he embraced in choosing Kamala Harris, 56, the first woman on a winning presidential ticket, daughter of a Jamaican father and an Indian mother. If Donald Trump was a force for disruption and division over the past four years, Biden and Harris show where the nation is heading: a blend of ethnicities, lived experiences and worldviews that must find a way forward together if the American experiment is to survive. 

Watch more about TIME magazine’s pick above.

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