The story out of the joint news conference today between Donald Trump and Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte isn’t what the President said or didn’t say. It’s more about what he was asked and what he wasn’t asked. Following the banning of CNN’s Kaitlan Collins last week, the Trump White House is clearly choosing questions that go before the President more carefully. Welcome to the Bill Shine era.  Shine is the former Fox News executive who is now working in the White House.

Just a couple reporters get a shot at asking the President questions at these joint press conferences and in the past that often meant the bigger news organizations would be selected.  Not anymore.  Today the first question went to a controversial conservative outlet.

Other reporters may have asked about Michael Cohen, the still separated immigrant children or Russia meddling, but clearly, Trump wanted the message out there that as far as he is concerned, today the border wall is his priority.

Watch the full news conference above.