A social media personality dubbed ‘Politics Girl’ offered an uncensored critique of the Democratic Party in a viral video, saying they have a “major messaging problem” and “it doesn’t matter how great your ideas are if no one understands them.” (Watch above)

Political commentator Leigh McGowan is an unabashed Democrat, but she said Tuesday’s poor election showing proved that the party is “always on the defensive.”

“You can’t win that way,” McGowan added. She said Democrats must oppose GOP lies by formulating a pithy “counter message that earworms its way into the American psyche.”

“We need to sell what it is we stand for and we need to say it in a way that people will hear,” McGowan said.

“It’s not our party that’s on the line,” McGowan concluded, “it’s democracy. And that is a race we cannot afford to lose.”

Who is Leigh McGowan?  Here’s her own take: