Donald Trump has refused to wear a mask in almost every public place since the pandemic began, but you wouldn’t know that based on one incident the White House Press Secretary chose to highlight and hammer away at today. Reporters at the briefing conducted by Kayleigh McEnany were subjected to a video loop of the Speaker of the House at a hair salon without a mask on.

The video displayed showed Nancy Pelosi visited a salon she has frequented in San Francisco. Pelosi calls it a set up by the owner. And the stylist who worked on the Speaker’s hair agreed that the salon’s decision to release the video to Fox News and Tucker Carlson, shows the owner, Erica Kious’ political leanings. Yahoo writes:

Jonathan DeNardo, the stylist who blew out Pelosi’s hair, released a statement through an attorney contradicting Kious.

The statement says the law firm is in possession of photographs and videotape that show that Kious has been operating her salon in violation of state and local restrictions since April. The statement also says that Kious authorized Pelosi coming to the salon for her blow-out, and that she was critical of the House speaker because she erroneously believed Pelosi was behind the restrictions that shut down her salon. (The rules were put in place by Gov. Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed.)

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the visit, many people would agree the Speaker of the House shouldn’t have gone to a salon unmasked, but most of America would also likely agree this isn’t one of the most important issues of the day.

As for more hypocrisy, Talking Points Memo writes:

The White House’s attack against Pelosi for flouting COVID-19 restrictions comes a week after Trump and administration officials repeatedly failed to practice social distancing and mask-wearing during the RNC, which culminated with the President delivering his acceptance speech to an audience of about 1,500 people in front of the White House.

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