Senator Ted Cruz has been getting a lot of attention for appearing to doze off during President Joe Biden’s address to Congress. The memes and jokes took off on Twitter.

While it may be rude to sleep during a president’s speech, Trevor Noah took a different approach to Cruz’s behavior (watch above). The Daily Show host joked, “honestly, that was the most relatable thing that Ted Cruz has ever done. Because that speech was boring.”

Noah said a speech a policy proposal should be like a set of directions, boring, “I mean, when did we decide that you can only judge a policy proposal based on how entertaining the performance of it is?”

Cruz actually opined that Biden was “deliberately being boring.”

“It was monotone. The chamber was nearly empty and that really has characterized the first 100 days of Joe Biden, that’s he’s tried to say nothing notable. He’s tried to tweet nothing notable.”

Yes, Cruz now seems to suggest you are only a good president if you tweet crazy thoughts and entertain crowds of supporters.

Many political analysts say being “boring” is working for Biden and may be one of the big reasons he got elected.

Jonah Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Post and Courier writes, “Boring is Joe Biden’s superpower:”

“As Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine notes, being personally boring doesn’t necessarily translate into a boring agenda. Biden is on a path to enlarge government’s role in American life, borrowing trillions to do it, in ways not seen since Lyndon B. Johnson or FDR.”

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