More consequences for Donald Trump allies accused of peddling lies, some that may have damaged reputations. Today Bloomberg is reporting Dominion Voting Systems is suing Sidney Powell for defamation.

The complaint filed Friday by Dominion Voting Systems Inc. seeks $1.3 billion from Powell, who filed numerous unsuccessful court cases seeking to overturn the election results. She was dumped by the Trump campaign not long after a Nov. 19 press conference in which she claimed that agents from Iran and China infiltrated Dominion’s voting machines to help Biden, and that the software had ties to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013.

There are expected to be more lawsuits stemming from the conspiracy theories that Trump and his allies have been spreading. This also isn’t the first lawsuit filed related to this. NBC News adds, “A Dominion employee who had been subjected to targeted harassment from Trump supporters had previously personally sued Powell and others.”