Federal judgeships are lifetime appointments, which is a good thing for Brett Talley.  He may need all that time to gain enough experience for the job.  Donald Trump nominated the 36-year-old to the federal bench despite the fact that he has zero experience as a judge. In fact, he’s never tried a case in court!  Ever!  And, the House Judiciary Committee, voting along party lines, approved his nomination.  So what qualifies Mr. Tally for the bench?   We know he’s seriously conservative and he once called the former Secretary of State “Hillary Rotten Clinton” on his blog. Clever.

Just for some perspective, the average age for a newly appointed federal judge is about 50.  The American Bar Association prefers a minimum of 12 years legal experience and has deemed Talley “not qualified” by it’s ratings committee.  No Matter.  Long after Donald Trump has gone to that gold-plated penthouse in the sky, Judge Talley will be with us.   Here’s more from The Los Angeles Times.