What was for the last few decades a patriotic event in Washington on the Fourth of July is about to become a MAGA rally. The Washington Post writes:

President Trump has effectively taken charge of the nation’s premier Fourth of July celebration in Washington, moving the gargantuan fireworks display from its usual spot on the Mall to be closer to the Potomac River and making tentative plans to address the nation from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, according to top administration officials.

 The president’s starring role has the potential to turn what has long been a nonpartisan celebration of the nation’s founding into another version of a Trump campaign rally. 

According to the Post, the event has been broadcast live from the national mall every year since 1947 and has since the 1980’s been accompanied by a free concert at the capitol.

The event, according to the Post, is the culmination of a two-year effort to change the focus of the holiday to Trump and his supporters.

Trump receives regular Oval Office briefings from newly appointed Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, whom Trump put in charge of the ceremony three months ago.

The idea for the change happened after Trump attended Bastille Day in Paris two years ago.

“Before Air Force One took off to return from France, Trump came to the back of the staff cabin and laid out the particulars of a proposed military parade in Washington — down to the types of tanks that he wanted in the streets and the kind of aircraft he wanted to fly overhead.”

The idea died after costs for the efforts ballooned.